The largest cattery siberian and neva masquerade cats in the Kaliningrad region!
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The most well-fed and educated Siberian cats!

5 reasons to buy a kitten in Koenig Glance cattery

1. Our pets are healthy! All parents of our kittens are tested for infectious and genetic diseases and have a documentary confirmation of the absence of diseases.

2. We are regularly participating in international and worldwide cat shows, where cats of our cattery always taking prizes and deserving appraisals. That guarantees the birth of kittens with excellent breed data.

3. The cattery provides all-round assistance to the owners in the exhibition activity.

4. We independently deliver kittens to anywhere in the world. We have a wide well-established network of proven couriers and transport companies.

5. All graduates of the cattery are guaranteed consultations of an instructor - felinologist throughout life!