Die größte Cattery von sibirischen und Neva Masquarade Katzen in Großraum Kaliningrad!
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Die best genährten und erzogenen sibirischen Katzen!


The Neva Masquerade cat is a pointed variety of the Siberian cat, meaning it has "points" of color on the face and paws. These are gorgeous, large and impressive cats with full, fluffy coats and brilliant blue eyes.

There is a little controversy and confusion surrounding the Neva Masquerade. In some of the largest cat shows it is presented as a color variety within the Siberian breed, while some other organizations recognize the Neva Masquerade and the Siberian as two separate breeds, yet some Siberian enthusiasts consider the Neva Masquerade to be a threat to the purity of the Siberian breed.

The Siberian cat is considered a natural breed, with a wild type, presented with minimal human manipulation. There is no gene for pointed coloration in the oldest and purest breed lines.

The pointed Neva Masquerade color was planned and produced with the deliberate introduction of pointed breeds such as the Balinese, Siamese, and Himalayan, a few decades ago, so any Siberian cat with Neva Masquerade coloring has some mixed ancestry.

Now, Siberian cats with natural coloration can have litters with Neva Masquerade kittens mixed in, because the colorpoint or CP gene is present.

Some Siberian breeders strive to maintain a pure breed with no CP gene present, while other breeders embrace the beautiful Neva Masquerade cats, both at home and in the showring.

So there's the rub, but nevertheless, Neva Masquerade cats have the wonderful, family-friendly personality of the Siberian, with an exotic and elegant color scheme - enjoy!

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