The largest cattery siberian and neva masquerade cats in the Kaliningrad region!
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The most well-fed and educated Siberian cats!

Welcome to the site of the cattery of Siberian and Neva Masquerade cats "Koenig Glance"!

Our cattery located in a special city among Russian cities - Kaliningrad. It is the most beautiful city in Russia and the most western Russian regional center on the Baltic Sea coast. Our cattery is registered on the WCF system (World Cat Federation, Germany).

We are breeding the most beautiful, intelligent, well-fed and educated Siberian cats, exceptionally white with blue eyes and Neva Masquerade cats. The parents are carefully selected in the cattery. There is a breeding work with several lines. We do not have "unplanned litters".

We stay in touch with everything related to felinology, therefore we are actively attending seminars on genetics and veterinary medicine. The breeding program of our cattery is controlled by a certified instructor-felinologist.

We love and care about the health of our cats. So we regularly do complex researches on FIV, FeLV, PKD. Our cats have no health problems and are vaccinated annually with vaccines certified in the USA and EU. All cats and kittens of the cattery have an international microchip.

We love our animals very much and proud of our achievements! You can get a true friend for the soul or breeding here. We hope that you will have a pleasant time on the pages of our website.

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